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Antique Russian Empire 56 gold brooch with Amethyst and seed pearls cluster

Antique 56 gold brooch Amethyst and seed pearls cluster
Art Nouveau Russian Empire
The brooch displays two connected violin necks
Hallmark: 56 (14ct / 583 gold) (old Russian Empire standard zolotnik)
maker mark: TL (ТЛ. in Cyrillic)
One purple Amethyst and 14 haft seeds pears. 
Brooch weight: 5.7
brooch dimension: 52.72mm x 15.05mm x 13.78mm
Amethyst dimension: 9.84mm x 7.57mm x 6.25mm (approx) 
Pears seeds diameter: 2.50mm
Great Collectible gift idea
Condition: see photos